Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scissortail 2010!

Mark your calendar! ECU once again hosts the largest (and many say the best) writing festival in the state and region. (Click here to see the schedule.) This year we have at least 7 poets laureate, past and present, from various states. We have at least 10 state and national book award winners. You’ve read their works (or heard of them) : Joy Harjo, Jim Barnes, Larry Thomas, James Hoggard, LeAnne Howe, Tim Tingle et al!!! Any one of a possible 25 of these authors would be a fine show for us, but all these highly acclaimed authors are just part of the ECU festival! We have 57 authors (click here to read their biographies) slated to read. You won’t want to miss this bonanza of creative energy! Plan to attend various sessions, your attendance is so helpful for ECU as well as appreciated by the authors. Please spread the word via your contacts and media outlets. Thank you!

Also, there will be a special gathering after the Friday evening session especially for you and students (and authors) from other universities – more about this later (under the direction of Drs. Walling, Benton and Grasso).

These authors and I look forward to sharing a great weekend with you!

Ken Hada (that's me at right)


  1. I went to the Poem reading on Thursday morning at 9:30. I enjoyed the readings extremely. I enjoyed Patricia Goodrich's poems, they were all very entertaining and funny. The one about what momma always said (I can't think of the name of the poem) but that was my favorite because my mom is always telling me stuff like that, and how I never listen to her. The other poems but the other readers there were amazing as well. Phil Morgan's poems mixing or inspiring songs was brilliant. Jeanetta Mish's poems were catchy and the fact that she wrote two different ways, I would never have thought of that.

  2. I went to the readings at 9:30 Thursday morning. I enjoyed "Twelve Step Shuffle" by Jeanetta Mish and "Modes of Transportation" by Patricia Goodrich.