Friday, September 19, 2014

Now Available for Purchase: 2014 Scissortail Commemorative CD

Click here to purchase a 2-disc set of poems and excerpts of prose and fiction recorded live, April 3-5, 2014 at the Scissortail Creative Writing Festival on the East Central University campus.

Track listing:
Track 1 Introduction
Track 2 Larry D. Thomas, The Lobster & The Lobsterman’s Dream
Track 3 Ron Wallace, of Horses and Hawks & Desperado
Track 4 Maureen DuRant, Collect Call Home
Track 5 Johnnie Catfish Mahan, The Truth about the Truth
Track 6 Elizabeth Raby, Vassar Virgins (excerpt)
Track 7 Alan Berecka, Leveling & A Texan’s Fugitive Thoughts
Track 8 John Morris, How to Live in the Moment
Track 9 Jessica Isaacs, What a Widow Carries with Her
Track 10 Rob Roensch, The Dogs of Baltimore (excerpt)
Track 11 Charlotte Renk, Knock and the Door Shall
Track 12 Hank Jones, Cigars on Bourbon Street
Track 13 William Peter Grasso, Long Walk to the Sun (excerpt)
Track 14 Margaret Dornaus, Stardust
Track 15 Jennifer Kidney, Signs of Spring
Track 16 Brady Peterson, Olympia
Track 17 Brent Newsom, Mathematics
Track 18 Sarah Webb, Story
Track 19 Arn Henderson, Cimarron Baseline
Track 20 James Hoggard, Blue Paints (excerpt)
Track 21 Clarence Wolfshohl, Creation
Track 22 Constance Squires, Dopamine Agonistes (excerpt)
Track 23 George McCormick Inland Empire (excerpt)
Track 24 Carol Coffee Reposa, A Love Poem for Oklahoma
Track 25 Andrew Geyer, Love Songs (excerpt)

Track 1 Dorothy Alexander, Autobiography
Track 2 Carolyn Wright, Red Earth Central
Track 3 Timothy Bradford, Carnet de Voyage (excerpt)
Track 4 Jim Wilson, Beirut Spring (excerpt)
Track 5 Steven Schroeder, In a Dream
Track 6 Sally Rhoades, My Father’s Slippers
Track 7 Carl Sennhenn, Bears Won’t Waltz & Sotto Voce
Track 8 Jim Spurr, Little Jimmy from California
Track 9 Julie Chappell, Alcatraz
Track 10 Jason Poudrier, Sand Stone
Track 11 Hugh Tribbey, To Woody Guthrie in Heaven
Track 12 Jonas Zdanys, Excerpt with Lithuanian Translation & My Father’s Wine
& Tomorrow & The Revenant
Track 13 John Yozzo, Ponca & Valentine
Track 14 Bayard Godsave, The Trilling Wire (excerpt)
Track 15 Abigail Keegan, Rubbermaid & Roadwork
Track 16 Ben Myers, What to Do after a Tornado & The Second Worst Job I Ever Had
Track 17 Hardy Jones, A New Bike for Little Mike (excerpt)
Track 18 LeAnne Howe, I Fuck Up in Japan (excerpt)
Track 19 Nathan Brown, Condolence & Teenager & Diamond Apology &Neruda’s Garden