Thursday, April 6, 2017

Scissortail 2017: It's On!

As of 9:30 this morning, the Twelfth Annual the Scissortail Creative Writing Festival is under way. If you're not here yet, come soon! We'll be here through Saturday afternoon.

Monday, April 3, 2017

From the Director, 2017

It’s Festival time again! Welcome to ECU and to the 12th annual Scissortail Festival. On behalf of colleagues, students and administrators who work so hard to make this gathering successful, I welcome you.

Bring your work. Bring your creativity, your voice. Join together in celebration of the writing arts. What could be more important? As Austin Phelps once said, “wear the old coat and buy the new book.” I hope you buy books. I hope you make friends. I hope you are inspired as you inspire others. Another quote: “The purpose of a Liberal Arts education is to learn that a person can like both cats and dogs” (Sonjay Anand), and Seamus Heaney says “the end of art is peace.” Too much divisiveness. Too many muggles and mudbloods! Thank you for bringing your unique voice to us. We hope that all of us, with our various voices, blend together to demonstrate the value of the Liberal Arts.

It is with wonderful anticipation that I welcome each of you to our campus and to this renewal of energy, spirit and friendship.

Ken Hada