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2012 R. Darryl Fisher Creative Writing Contest -- First Prize in Fiction

The Long Goodnight
by Bailey Tulloch
The abbey loomed in the darkness that night. The waves below it crashed into the cliffs. Through the hard sound of the collisions, a wolf howled. The moon peeked out between two long coils of fog. The clouds stretched and bent around the yellow moon, surrounding its eerie face. Though nature’s noise was everywhere, it was a silent night.
            Sister Mary Ann knelt near a ledge in the adobe-looking abbey, her rosary curled between her fingers. Her nails grazed the rough, tan ledge, paint blobs stubbly and prickled. They consumed the entire exterior of the abbey. Sister Mary Ann looked up from the stubble and out at the two cliffs in front of her that looked like fists. She kept her head bowed and silent.
            A small candle was ignited somewhere behind her. Within the shadows emerged a tall woman with a sturdy stride. Sister Mary Ann had pretended not to see or hear her trying to creep by, shuffling down the open hall, hands shoved into her pockets. Sister Mary Ann almost reached out to her. She almost asked her what was wrong. She almost saved her life.

Winners of the 8th Annual R. Darryl Fisher Creative Writing Contest


Fiction Winners
1. Bailey Tulloch, “The Last Goodnight." Holland Hall High School (Tulsa)
2. Shelby Faulkner,“Forced White." Lawton High School
3. Coleman Dennis,“The Storm Behind the Sun.” Ada High School

Fiction Winners Honorable Mention
Marissa Hinton,“Humanity’s Virtues.” McLoud High School
Tanner Sheffeld,“Trenchline.” Ada High School
Erin Fuller, “Before We Die.” Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (Oklahoma City)
Meredith Winn, “Nora’s Frog." Edmond Memorial High School
Sarah Capps, “Spiral." Norman North High School
Irene Lim, “Cheat." Norman North High School
Shealy Davis, “Message Sent." Strother High School
Katie Hill, “The Lullaby of Rain” Norman North High School
Natalie Lowry, “You Are Perfect." Ada High School
Zoe Stearns, “Microphone Check." Lawton High School

Poetry Winners
First Place: Kaitlyn Sieber, "Untitled." Lawton High School
Second Place: Anonymous, "Passing Faith." Lawton High School
Third Place: Laramie Ball, "Baby Wipes, Bottles, and Babies, Oh My!: The Tale of the Babystitter." Cleveland High School

Poetry Winners Honorable Mention
Dominick Haber, "Model T." Lawton High School
Veronica Muniz, "Trapped in a Cage." Lawton High School
Eliza Quiroga, "Poetry." Lawton High School
Cici Zhou, "A New Day." Holland Hall High School
Dohyung Markus Kim, "Al1 In Paradise." Norman North High School
Abby Pierce, "Strangers." Norman North High School
Jack Partain, "A Rain in April." Edmond Memorial High School
Cera Matthews, "The Beginning." Ada High School
Abigail Jones, "Birds of Prey."Edmond Memorial High School
Cheyenne Hope Ballard, "An Author's Job." Shawnee High School