Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Winners of the 12th Annual R. Darryl Fisher Creative Writing Contest

Poetry Winners
First Place: Sydney Campbell, "The Siren," Norman North. Teacher: Lezlie Christian
Second Place: Hayden Burleigh, "Ever," Bixby. Teacher: Mrs. Fisher
Third Place: Augusta Emmerson, "Who," Norman. Teacher: Sara Doolittle

Honorable Mention
Caitlynn Land, "A House," Purcell. Teacher: Ms. Liz Leonard
Savanah McDaniel, "Burn," Bixby. Teacher: Betty Fisher
Fabianna Chaparro, "Where Are You From (I Don't Know)?" Edmond North. Teacher: Ms. Abigail Guinn
Cheyenne Fulks, "Life," Purcell. Teacher: Ms. Leonard
Jesee Riley, "Rose," Antlers. Teacher: Ronda McCarter
Emalee Hicks, "Melodious Beauty," Vinita. Teacher: Ms. Dianna Just
Camille Hemry, "Resistance to Running," Norman. Teacher: Sara Doolittle
Sarah Turner, "Memories of Dust," Lawton. Teacher: Doc Freeman
Alyssa McLinden, "Not My Last Chance," Lawton. Teacher: Doc Freeman
Stephanie Penate, "Midnight," Norman. Teacher: Sara Doolittle

Fiction Winners
1st Place: Sadie Sieck, “Swim Time,” Norman North. Teacher: Lezlie Christian
2nd Place: Peter Biles, “The Antarctic Dream,” Latta. Teacher: Melinda Isaacs
3rd Place: Taylor Austin, “Family Tree,” Deer Creek. Teacher: Jason Stephenson

Honorable Mention
Sydney Campbell, “Lucid,” Norman North. Teacher: Lezlie Christian
Hayley Jumper, “Empty, Carbonated Silence," Claremore. Teacher: Teresa Smith
Megan Vander Bloomer, “Ode to Viceroy,” Moore. Teacher: Eileen Worthington
Brigette Drabek, “One Last Time,” Moore. Teacher: Eileen Worthington
Mary Davis, “A Cloak of Ashes,” Norman North. Teacher: Lezlie Christian
Grasyn Fuller, “Dear Miss Ruston,” Norman North. Teacher: Lezlie Christian
Willow Kirkpatrick, “The Visit,” Norman. Teacher: Sara Doolittle
Christopher Butcher, “The Selfless Quisling,” Yukon. Teacher: Cheryl Corlee
Brooke Fellows, “Vluerona,” Glenpool. Teacher: Phillip Harriman
Doris Zhou, “A Perspective on Siblinghood,” Norman. Teacher: Sara Doolittle


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