Thursday, April 2, 2015

Scissortail 2015: It's On!

As of 9:30 this morning, the Tenth Annual the Scissortail Creative Writing Festival is under way. If you are attending the Festival and have heard something you like, please leave a comment here so that the authors and everyone else can know what you think. Just click on the comment button below to leave a comment and read the comments left by others. And if you're not attending the Festival, come on over!


  1. On Friday I went to see Steven Schoen, one of the featured authors. Having never been to Chicago, his favored location, I couldn't quite connect but his humor and emotional writing more than made up for that.

    Kenia Starry

  2. I attended the session at 2:00 on Friday. It was a really enjoyable experience. All of the speakers had completely different material that ranged from light and funny to darker and more emotional. It was a great experience.

    Mary Dixon

  3. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend a session filled with laughter, emotion, and wit in which Jason Poudrier, Michelle Hartman, and Johnie “Catfish” Mahan presented some of their works.

  4. While I found things I enjoyed in each artist’s work, I think Sarah Webb stood out to me as a favorite. I really liked her metaphors and imagery. Poetry about love is often met with the rolling of eyes because it has been written so much and so often but she reaches her audience offering descriptions of love using non-traditional scenarios.

    Devin Martinez

  5. This year I had the privilege of hearing Rilla Askew's nonfiction prose piece about a tornado that hit Boggy, OK in 1945, how it still impacts her family today, and the importance of storytelling. "One needn't be present to bear witness."

    Nikki Ennis

  6. This was my first writing festival ever, and of course I knew what to expect, but was a clean canvas as to what I would experience. I went to the first day's two o'clock session. Most of what I heard was poetry, which is sometimes hard to grasp after several reads, so imagine one listen? However, Mark Jenkins stood out to me. His poem titled 'Disposable' consisted of an excerpt that can be a valuable metaphor for life; *this is not an exact quote* ''...throwing away plants that have a chance/ a special spot in hell for those who do so...''
    I interpreted this excerpt to mean, just because you're bruised, no longer 'beautiful' or aged, doesn't mean you're worthless.

    I also attended the Grand Finale session, and I can't remember this writer's name for the life of me, but an excerpt from her poem tickled me: ''...I have eaten you all with fries and a bear and you did not satisfy...''

    Overall, I give Scissortail a rousing round of applause for recognizing literary talent; probably fueling more passion and inspiration in writers to continue the production of great works.

    Deborah Johnson

  7. Loving your pictures and the genuine, honest way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

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