Friday, April 30, 2010

Letter to 2010 Festival Authors

Dear Festival Authors,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to East Central University and to the 5th annual Scissortail Creative Writing Festival. It is my distinct honor to be involved with this festival, and so I want to take this moment to tell each of you in writing (and hopefully, later, in person) how much each of you mean to the festival. You enrich our campus, our state, and my life personally by your positive involvement with this festival.

In the past few weeks I have overheard folks using the terms: democratic, friendly, inspiring, and similar phrases to describe Scissortail. I appreciate these comments because I know that you understand the heart of what we are doing here. You realize that some of you are highly published and internationally recognized, and that others are promising, but are still working on developing your publishing career. At Scissortail, we intentionally mix you all together, regardless of achievement or acclaim, personality or style, because, above all, we are celebrating creativity, even as we inspire one another and our audiences. Some phrase from my athletic past sounds in my ears: No one is special; everyone is important – and that includes you. If such common sense can come from an athletic arena, just imagine what gifted literary people can do with a similar mantra.

I appreciate your embracing of this festival “philosophy” and I hope you have a great time listening, reading, supporting and building friendships. So put your ego in your pocket, take your turn at the podium and Let Er Rip! Who knows when a world may be listening?


Ken Hada
April 2010

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