Friday, February 19, 2010

Answers to Your Questions about the Page One Literary Art Gallery

Q: In general, I'm not quite sure I understand what exactly the Page One Literary Art Gallery is. What's the history here?
A: To my knowledge, the Page One Literary Art Gallery is the only gallery of its kind.  We came up with the concept in 2009.  The 2014 edition will be our fifth gallery.

Q: What exactly is displayed/showcased in this exhibit and in what way?
A: A single page of original creative writing in any genre, not previously published. May be a single poem. May be the first page of a short story with a note that reads: "to read the rest of this story go to" or some other link (Or it might not have such a note if there's nothing else besides the first page.) That single piece of paper will be centered on a large black foam core backing that will serve as its frame. The frames will be displayed around the Ada Arts and Heritage Center in the way that paintings might be displayed around an art gallery.

Q: What happens with the submissions?
A: When we get the submissions, we select those to include the show, and after contacting the authors, we mount the works and display them at the Ada Arts and Heritage Gallery, where they may be seen on the night of the Scissortail Wrap Party. Once all the submissions are in, our judges determine which ones are award-winning entries. Awards will come in the form of book-buying gift certificates at the Scissortail book table.

Q: I see that readers of the Scissortail Writing Fest are not eligible for the prizes or awards, but are we welcome/encouraged to submit material for this event anyway? Or is it meant to showcase a more specific target talent?
A: The gift certificates are for authors who are not a part of the scheduled program, but everyone--including authors in the scheduled program--is very much welcome to submit something.

Click here to see photos and video from the 2013 Gallery opening.


  1. Are all submissions displayed in the gallery or are they checked for quality?

  2. They are checked for quality. Each year, as the number of submissions grows, the competition grows steeper.