Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Aurora" by Shannon Abbott

Sweep me off my feet and carry me
Away through dense oak forests and mountain ranges high
Stretching up and up until they’ve mastered the clouds.

Take my hand and lead me
Away over the lakes so deep,
And fields of luscious green,
Sunlit and smiling.

Then pick me back up and show me the way
Under the watchful eyes of the midnight stars with
Stardust in my pocket to guide us in the
Blackest caves,
Silver shimmering on my fingers.

Do not stop until we arrive
The snow crisp and cool and beautiful beneath our feet
The tundra on its wedding day
And the bouquet tossed so high that the moon catches it
And laughs a twinkling laugh
Sending dancing petals across the sky

Remnants of roses red and lilacs purple.

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