Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Winners of the 17th Annual R. Darryl Fisher Creative Writing Contest

Poetry Winners:
First place: Cora Bosse, “The Weightless Coat of Regret” (Norman/Instructor: Sara Doolittle)
Second place: Elaine Gao, “The Impossible Life,” (Jenks/Emily Stewart)
Third place: Jordan Six, “Man” (Washington/Haley Price)

Honorable Mentions:
Nathaniel Bowman, “The Child’s Truth” (Lawton/Dr. Freeman)
Emily Spotts, “Deadalus” (Lawton/Dr. Freeman)
Natalie Schubert, “Old Man Mountain” (Claremore/Jill Andrews)
Isabelle Clement, “The Arts” (Norman/Sara Doolittle)
Catherine Thai, “Victory or Defeat” (Norman/Sara Doolittle)
Carter Marshall, “Knight Takes Rook” (Edmond/Ms. Kelly Bristow)
Journey Bennett, “Last Line Poem” (Marlow/Mrs. Field)
Jenna Watson, “Evergreen Conversations” (Noble/Mrs. Alger)
Kira Berkey, “We are the good guys” (Hydro/Lia Hillman)
Danielle Pador, “In a Perfect World” (Durant/Mrs. Hogan)

Fiction Winners:
First place: Ashleigh Ross, “Consequences” (Collinsville/Melissa Brown)
Second place: Cassandra Diehl, “We Always Leave” (Norman/Sara Doolittle)
Third place: Lillian Phillips, “The Intricate Ritual” (Cascia Hall/Sarah Kennedy)

Honorable Mentions:
Gracie Kinnaman, “Delilah’s Letters” (Cascia Hall/Mary Suliburk)
Carter Marshall, “The Last Dream” (Edmond Memorial/Kelly Bristow)
Tayah Darks, “Flower of Death” (Edmond Memorial/Kelly Bristow)
Elissa Marks, “You, Too, Are Something of a Star” (Edmond Memorial/Kelly Bristow)
Liberty Rogers, “When the Animals Began to Speak” (Dale/Taylor Chesser)
Sarah Peters, “The Shadow Plague” (Shawnee/Linsey Mastin)
Natalie Schubert, “The Land Beyond the Trenches” (Claremore/Jill Andrews)
Helen Sanders, “Weighed Down” (Noble/Manuela Alger)
Marshall Stubblefield, “At My Fault” (Shattuck/Gina Huenergardt
Evan Boothe, “Captain Nemo and the Esoteric Order of Dagon” (Washington/Haley Price)

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