Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Scissortail: Schedule of Readings

11th Annual Scissortail Creative Writing Festival

Thursday, March 31

I. 9:30 – 10: 45 Estep Auditorium

Michael Howarth – Missouri Southern University
Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things
Dorothy Alexander- Santa Fe, Oklahoma
Coming & Going: Departures & Homecomings
Paul Austin – Norman, Oklahoma
Monk, and other poems

II. 11:00 – 12: 15 Estep Auditorium

Andrew Geyer – University of South Carolina - Aiken
Pink Elephants
Jenny Yang Cropp – Cameron University
String Theory
Shaun Perkins – Locust Grove, Oklahoma
Poem Life

III. 11:00 -12:15 North Lounge

Steven Schroeder – Chicago, Illinois
The Moon, not the Finger, Pointing
Kerri Vinson Snell – McPherson College
Topography of the Light-Filled
Nathan Brown – Wimberly, Texas
To Sing Hallucinated: First Thoughts on Last Word Words

*** Lunch ***

IV. 2:00 – 3: 15 North Lounge

Charlotte Renk – Athens, Texas
This Great Turtle Heart: The Tao of Turtlism
John Morris – Cameron University
One of the Things You Wouldn’t Think a Man Would Remember
William Peter Grasso – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Operation Fishwrapper

V. 2:00 – 3:15 Estep Auditorium

Sally Rhoades – Albany, New York
Where Light Falls
Clarence Wolfshohl – Fulton, Missouri
Three-Corner Catch
Yvonne Carpenter – Clinton, Oklahoma
From an Oklahoma Farm

VI. 3:30 – 4:45 Estep Auditorium

Brent Newsom – Oklahoma Baptist University
You a Good Man
Mary Anna Evans – University of Oklahoma
A Nice Atheist Boy
Tom Murphy – Texas A & M – Corpus Christi
American History

VII. 3:30 – 4:45 North Lounge

Joey Brown – Missouri Southern State University
Rayshell Clapper – Seminole State College
Not a Bad Girl
Charles Etheridge – TX A &M – Corpus Christi
The Brenner Pass

VIII. 7:00 – Estep Auditorium
(Musical Prelude: OPUS 1begins at 6:30)

Larry D. Thomas – Alpine, Texas
As If Light Actually Matters
Rilla Askew – University of Oklahoma
Home Territory
Paul Bowers – Northern Oklahoma College
The Lone, Cautious, Animal Life

(Authors’ Reception follows at Vintage 22)

Friday, April 1

IX. 9:00 – 9:50 Estep Auditorium

Alan Gann – Dallas, Texas
Literary Springboards
Jason Poudrier – Cameron University
What about Fitch?
Jennifer Long – Eufaula, Oklahoma
I Swim Upstream

X. 9:00 – 9:50 North Lounge

Hank Jones –Tarleton State University
More Life to Lead, More Books to Read
Sarah Webb – Burnet, Texas
Rock and Friends
Robert Broyles – Oklahoma City, OK
Love Lost

XI. 10:00 – 10:50 Estep Auditorium

Bayard Godsave – Cameron University
The Clay Eaters
Jennifer Kidney – Norman, Oklahoma
Tempus Fugit
A.W. Marshall – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Simple Pleasures

XII. 10:00 -10:50 North Lounge

Ann Howells – Carrolton, Texas
Under a Lone Star
John Yozzo – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Broaching Wife & Epithalamia Over Time
Chera Hammons – Amarillo, Texas
The Poetry of Bomb City

XIII. 11:00 – 11:50 Estep Auditorium

Michael Dooley – Tarleton State University
The Cowboy and the Hippy Chick
Terri Cummings – Oklahoma City, OK
A New Season
Todd Fuller – University of Oklahoma
Binaries at the End of Nostalgia

XIV. 11:00 -11:50 North Lounge

George McCormick – Cameron University
Inland Empire
Michelle Hartman – Ft. Worth, Texas
My Inheritance & other poems
JC “Catfish” Mahan– Edmond, OK
Autumn on Costa Brava

*** Lunch ***

XV. 2:00 – 3:15 North Lounge

Rebecca Hatcher Travis – Sulphur, Oklahoma
Constant Fires
Haesong Kwon – Little Priest Tribal College
Independence Fighter
Gary Worth Moody – Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Burnings

XVI. 2:00 -3:15 Estep Auditorium

Walter Bargen – Ashland, Missouri
Did You Say That! – Persona Prose Poems
Brady Peterson – Belton, Texas
He Writes Poetry and Makes Soup
Maryann Hurtt – Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Once Upon a Tar Creek: Mining for Voices

XVII. 3:30 – 4:45 Estep Auditorium

Chris Ellery – Angelo State University
Sunday of Divine Mercy
Chip Dameron – Brownsville, Texas
Drinking from the River
Robin Carstensen – TX A & M-Corpus Christi
Ode to Before We Were Dance and Form

XVIII. 3:30 – 4:45 North Lounge

Hardy Jones – Cameron University
Praying Hands
Lucie Smoker – Enid, Oklahoma
Make More With Your Short Sticks
Debbi Brody – Santa Fe, New Mexico
2nd Generation American: Ancestor Influences

XIX. 7:00 Estep Auditorium
Featuring Naomi Shihab Nye
(Music by Rowdy Folk begins at 6:30 pm)

followed by Moonlighter’s Combo
& Awarding Collegiate Writers’ Contest
at the Ada Arts & Heritage Center
(the corner of 14th & Rennie Streets)

Saturday, April 2

XX. 9:15– 10:15 Estep Auditorium

karla k. morton – Fort Worth, Texas
For the Love of the Horse
Ron Wallace – Southeastern State University
A Song for Lesser Gods
Julie Chappell – Tarleton State University
Mad Habits of a Life

XXI. 10:30 -12:00 Estep Auditorium

Elizabeth Raby – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dodging Ice
Terry Dalrymple – Angelo State University
Dead Dogs
Jessica Isaacs – Seminole State College
Dumplins & other poems
Alan Berecka – Del Mar College
Post Modern Nostalgia

XXII. 12:15– 1:15pm Estep Auditorium

Grand Finale: Featuring Ben Myers
& Awarding the Dr. Darryl Fisher
State High School Contest Winners


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